Lincoln Park Terrace: Capitol Hill's Newest Landmark
Floor Plans

The heart of DC? It may well be right here, on Capitol Hill. Here, in the most powerful city in the world, we work hard and we play hard.  Sometimes our workday never ends or blurs with our social life.  We get around town efficiently, by foot, bike, cab, car, or Metro; all easily accessible.  Whether working at the office or "charging the hill" for an important meeting; a high-powered business lunch or your sweetheart for dinner at "our" neighborhood restaurant; your Sunday "quiet time" at the Park Cafe (newspaper in hand) or screaming your lungs out at a Skins or a Nats game;  mid-week theatre tickets? ; maybe just take the dog for a "play-date" at Lincoln Park while you catch up on your reading; we enjoy the good life here...this is Capitol Hill living at its best.